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May 2013

May Day

 pagan rhythmic beat

 spins circular mime;

the horse dances.

© LD Davies 2013

April 2013


shambolic symbol,

unclean, stateless, proud.

Dignity remains.

© LD Davies 2013

March 2013

 Joey’s first steps

Joey took his first steps today. He looked like a little drunk duck. He was so proud. I picked up the phone to tell you but your voicemail cut in.

‘Hi, it’s me. If that’s you. Leave me a message.’

My eyes prickled with tears. I didn’t leave a message.

© LD Davies 2009

winds rage

daffodils bow

winter disappears

© LD Davies 2013

chocolate scented

pagan rituals celebrate

life reborn; spring rises

© LD Davies 2013

 Thoughts on writing

Like a lot of people I believe that I have a novel inside me just bursting to get out – when I have the time to sit down and write it. That’s the problem though isn’t it? Finding the time. It’s just an excuse to do nothing really. Real writers, those who need to write, who feel the story, who may not be published but still keep writing and trying to improve their story telling, they don’t make excuses about lack of time or something more urgent coming up. These people sit and write, if not every day, then regularly. I don’t. But I want to. I have no reason not to actually. I’m lucky enough not to have to work and my husband is a supportive soul. I’ve done several courses in creative writing and am quite good apparently. Soooo….I’m going to make a promise. One haiku a week and one short story a month for the next twelve months. Those that are good enough, in my opinion, I will publish to the blog. This is going to be interesting!


Legal stuff –  all my writing is subject to copyright and can not be used anywhere else without my express permission. All resemblances to any person living, dead or otherwise is entirely coincidental.

© LD Davies 2013

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