Get a move on will ya Ma

‘Sick leave’ is now at an end. I’ve had my post-op follow up and saw the ‘After’ X-ray of my troublesome left knee and it looks absolutely fantastic – all high grade titanium – I could see the new covers on the bone ends and knee cap in lovely, crisp, high definition. Such a difference to the sorry article I had X-rayed in November. That knee was a disgrace to its name. This new one however is lovely and shiny and working well. It is one to be proud of – with the added bonus of setting off security alarms in airports!

Himself is delighted that all is well as it means he can now delegate tasks and chores without fear of me overdoing it (‘As if that’s ever likely to happen!’ Himself) so next week is set aside for general tidying, cleaning and painting before we leave for Asturias at the end of April. This is not soon enough for No.2 son who is literally hopping from to foot in anticipation of a summer free of maternal nagging.

However, apart from Junior’s disappointment that we are still here, everything is going to plan: the dogs have been boostered and anti-rabied, the car and caravan have had their MOTs, the lists are being ticked off and the days counted down. 

We’ve had some lovely news from our Spanish friend who rang up to let us know our neighbours had had a little boy on Sunday. Both mother and son are healthy and dad is tired, happy and very proud. We can’t wait to meet the little chap for a cuddle!

In the meantime I am ensuring I get to spend enough quality time with friends, so have been indulging in some pretty nice lunches and hardcore gossip, enough to keep me going for the duration of the summer. 

There is a new haiku on the Writing page.

  Spain 2012 153

Photo: Statue of Eugenia Martínez Vallejo, La Monstrua, in Avíles