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I have a confession. I love yarn in all its glory, the colours, the soft squishiness, the way it taunts and teases with its promises of beautiful handmade, wearable, covetable clothing. I am a knitting addict.

Like many people of my vintage I learned to knit from my grandmothers, both of whom were amazing knitters, whipping up knitted vests, soakers, jumpers, cardigans, dresses and socks in the blink of an eye. I remember the first item I made totally by myself, it was whilst I was at Primary School and was the ubiquitous scarf made with sharp, shiny metal needles and dark green, squeaky, acrylic wool. I gave it to my Nan for her birthday. Full of  mistakes, but she  loved it and wore it constantly. I had to make another for my other Nan just so she didn’t feel left out! Bouyed by such uncritical approval I decided to cast on for a jumper for my doll and have never stopped since.

Currently on my needles are a cabled waistcoat using Sirdar Bonus Aran (big balls, lots of yarn and cheap) and a pair of sturdy socks in grey Regia Tweed for No.2 son – who has enormously large trotters.

I tend not to have too many WIPS on the needles as I like to finish things quickly and not get bogged down by too many patterns at any one time – it’s an age thing.

Next up – a birthday present for a friend in delicious Manos de Uruguay, a lacy cowl in Artesano 4 ply and socks for Himself using ‘Mind the Gap’ sock yarn from Gloria of Trailing Clouds on Etsy.com – a really wonderful self striping yarn that uses all the colours of the London Underground system and is ideal for a man who loves to travel by Tube.

Just as soon as I track down my camera I will post pictures of the finished objects….trouble is I think I left the damn thing in Spain…..

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