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Who am I and why am I doing this? These are questions I have often asked myself over the years and suffice to say I am still hoping to find answers. This blog is a self-indulgent attempt to find meaning in the ordinary, everyday and wonderful world in which I live.

I have been married for nearly 30 years to a very patient, tolerant and understanding man and together we have 3 adult children, who appear to be well-adjusted and successful despite our fraught and fumbling attempts at parenting, but who have yet to fulfil our potential as a grandparents. We are also the besotted guardians/slaves to 2 Jack Russell terriers whose only purpose in life is to eat, sleep, bark and be worshipped on a regular basis.

We live part-time in Asturias, which we consider our home, and Cornwall. The summer is spent looking at the mountains, the winter considering the rain. Asturias is very like Cornwall was when I was growing up in the dim and distant past. Spacious, green, and with a deep sense of community. The people are hard-working, fun-loving, generous to a fault and extremely welcoming.

My hobbies, as you can see from the tags, and in no particular order, include knitting – probably the only form of true exercise I carry out on a regular basis if I’m honest; writing, short stories and haiku are particular favourites; dogs, obviously, in any shape or form; politics, mainly national and international; films, anything as long as it has action, adventure, mystery, Bruce or Arnie and is well-written and directed and is certainly not reliant on romance or nudity. And books, anything and everything but especially crime and horror.

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