Settling in


The weather is gloriously spring like and Himself decided to make the most of it by digging over the old vegetable patch at the side of the house. Into this we will be planting onions, beans of various persuasions (haricot, broad and runner), peas, carrots, beetroot, leeks and a variety of herbs…for starters. The soil is actually very good which given that we live on the side of a mountain came as a nice surprise. All we need to add is a bit of compost and we’ll be off and self sufficient in vegetable goodness by the end of the summer.

The pups have also settled well. Boy Dog spends his days pottering about the garden, “escaping” through the gate, wandering up the lane to do his business and sitting by the third tree along waiting for one of us to go up and carry him back. Girl Dog just basks her little brown and white tummy in whatever sunshine is available and has hi-jacked the chair by the fire in the evenings.

We’ve also been hugely sociable (we are so not in England now!) and had friends stop over for the night last week, they were on their way to the Gij√≥n-St Nazaire ferry run by LD Lines which cuts out the whole of the tortuous drive down through France to Spain. As it was also our wedding anniversary (that “our” refers to all four of us) we had an even more fun time. These are the only other couple we know who share our anniversary (albeit a few years apart) as April 1st is not a date one often chooses for a lifetime commitment…at least that’s what my Mother said at the time.

We also had lunch with the neighbours…homemade piccadillo (spicy pork mince)’ own chicken eggs, chips and flan….good conversation and laughter…yep, we ended the day fuller than when we started it!

Not only did we have friends to visit, No.1 Son and his Girlfriend cooked for us in their flat. This was huge for us as it was the very first time one of our offspring entertained us in this way! To see No.1 so happy and content warmed the cockles of my Mommy heart. Now, for everything to be perfect…grandchildren would be nice before I get too old!