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But I Don’t Wanna Go…


Our time here is drawing to a close for now, later than normal, and it is getting harder and harder to leave. This year we have seen the seasons change and the snow on the Picos melt and return.

The house has undergone significant changes with the installation of a wood burner in the sitting room, the water supply sorted out, improved electricity, a new shower and a new roof. We have cleaned and decorated and have made a home.

The dogs have thoroughly enjoyed themselves and we have watched our little Girl Dog grow into a fun-filled young lady and overcome her shyness with strangers, as well as be amazed at how adaptable and downright brave our Boy Dog has been in coping with the challenges thrown in his way.

We’ve spent time with The Eldest and met his lovely girlfriend. We’ve had friends come and visit us which has enabled us to show off the wonderful Asturian countryside, beaches, mountains and people.

We’ve also travelled to France and returned briefly to England all of which has served to show us that here is where our hearts are happiest. Here we can be who we are, freed from the constraints we have made for ourselves in the UK.

However, we have to go. I have promised Himself that I won’t make a scene and cling onto the gate posts (nor sob piteously as the car heads out of Spain) but will be calm and serene secure in the knowledge that we will return in the Spring. Please?


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