Raising the Roof


We are having a new roof put on, the old one has been in place since 1976 when the house was built so is well past it’s use-by date. We found the company we are using a couple of years ago on a walk up the road. They had been renovating a hunting lodge and the work they had done was real high-quality craftsmanship so we booked them to do some bits and pieces for us  and were chuffed with the speed, skill and price. So, as the roof had been leaking for a while and we were running out of buckets for the loft we bit the bullet and called The Boys.

Thankfully the weather is still wonderful as we’re covered in tarpaulins ready for the tiles to go on. The outside is a building site and getting around the scaffolding needs the litheness of a teenage limbo dancer but our blind Boy Dog is negotiating all obstacles with panache and style.

We aren’t the only ones undergoing structural renovation,  take a look at our neighbours’ website http://www.elgransueno.es  This boutique hotel is just up the road from us and we’ve been lucky enough to have had the guided tour; it is going to be absolutely amazing when it’s finished In time for Easter 2014. I would suggest early booking!