Shepherd’s Warning


Yesterday morning we awoke to the most glorious sky. I just had to share the beauty. Enjoy.

I Did It!


I’m having a bit of a memorable weekend. We are currently in the lovely city of Versailles staying in a hotel in the shadow of the Palace itself. The reason? I have finally, after sixteen years (yep, that’s SIXTEEN) graduated with a BSc Hons (Open) from the Open University and the ceremony was held yesterday in the Palais de Congrès.

It has been a long haul getting here, in fact Himself suggested it was not so much a degree ceremony as conferment of a long service medal!

Ignoring him. The ceremony was great fun, full of music (a jazz/skiffle band), laughter and tears. Everyone taking part had a magical time and deserved their moment in the sun.

And to think I didn’t really want to bother about it! Despite the fact that I am happy to parade my thoughts through the medium of blog, I am a little shy when it comes to celebrating my achievements, preferring to remain in the background more often than not. Himself though, once he realised there was the option of a Versailles graduation, insisted we make a weekend of it. And how glad I am that we did!

After the graduation Himself  had planned a surprise; a night-time trip around the palace gardens culminating in a magnificent fire work display. It was fantastic! The weather was dreadful, the rain was lashing down, but the magic of the whole evening more than made up for it.

Typically, the rain passed over during the night and it is now bright, warm sunshine! So we are shortly going to be checking out and exploring the Sunday market before heading back to Orly airport and home.


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