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Mountain Rescue


Our first day back home and we had an unexpected visitor watching us unpack the car and caravan. He was a sad, lost little soul who was looking for his mate and one of the sweetest and smelliest goats I have ever met (yes, I have known a few).

Himself sprung into action and leapt agilely up the hill to take him by the horns and lead him down to our neighbour who is the Dr Doolittle of the valley. Young goat came docilely enough until just outside the house when I went to say hello, slipped on the gravel, let out a very unladylike scream (rebuilt knee twisting in the wrong direction) and scared the bejabers out of him, whereupon he made a bolt for further freedom.

Forty minutes later, after a chase reminiscent of Benny Hill at his finest, Dr D and Himself had him safely on a lead outside the house waiting for his owner to turn up.

It’s anything but boring living here!


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