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Best of Both Worlds


It’s been a busy few days catching up with the kids, friends and various bits of business. Whilst Himself has been occupied on important matters (motorbike ride on Dartmoor with his mate) I have been running hither and yon working my way through a rather large shopping list of items to take back to Asturias with us.

Funny what you miss. Cheddar for example. The best one I know of, which has become a cult favourite with our neighbours, is Worthy Cheddar* a mature waxed cheddar from Glastonbury with a round, smooth, tangy taste.  Also sausages. Try Kernow Sausages….nummy! Thankfully I was able to pick up a truckle or two and a couple of packs this weekend as the makers were in the big white marquee on the Piazza in Truro. The marquee is a regular monthly sight and is run by Deborah Martyn Events* and is not just full of gorgeous food (Hayley’s Bakes* bring tears to your eyes they are so good) but also really high quality arts and crafts. My absolute favourite is Finishing Touches Jewellery*, beautiful handcrafted silver beaded and semi-precious earrings, bracelets and necklaces…I just can’t resist! (Nor can I resist Trenance* Chocolates Turkish Delight…but that is another story).

Can you tell I am a fan of these events?

This “hit and run” has been most enjoyable. It’s been wonderful to see Cornwall in the sunshine (something of a rarity these past few years) and to catch up with friends, although my BF has actually been out of the county for this visit and I don’t get to see her until September and have missed our long, girlie, gossipy lunch…just saying!

Anyway, this time next week we’ll be heading for the Spanish border and our Asturian home. We really do have the best of both worlds.

P.S The photo is of a rather attractive patch of weed in the front garden that I valiantly saved from the gardener’s strimmer…well, it is pretty!


*Deborah Martyn Events http://www.dmevents.co.uk

*Worthy Cheddar http://www.worthycheddar.co.uk

*Kernow Sausages http://www.kernowsausages.com

*Hayley’s Bakes, Caffé Nova, Stithians Lake, Redruth

*Trenance Chocolate http://www.trenancechocolate.co.uk

*Finishing Touches Jewellery http://www.finishingtouchesjewellery.co.uk


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