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On the road – stage one

We’ve made it to Brittany!

The trip to Poole was easy and painless and we pitched up for the night at Hunters Moon Caravan Site which was convenient for the early morning start for the ferry port. It’s a lovely little site, well appointed, well maintained and friendly. We plan on going back for a longer stay at some point.

The crossing was smooth and uneventful and the dogs were very comfortable in the car. Unfortunately we had underestimated the length of time it was going to take to get to our friends in Brittany – it was only around four inches on the map- however, in real terms it took about six hours with plentiful stops to view the countryside and exercise the dogs…oh, and a little nap for Himself.

I have to say there are some truly beautiful things to see, Mont St Michel is one and beats the pants off its opposite number at Marazion (heresy from a Cornish woman). We also want to go back and spend some time looking around St Brieuc, Utah Beach, Sainte- Mère Église nd the military cemeteries. Sat Nag held up well until the last 30k when she turned left into a parallel universe and got us totally lost. It was with a great deal of relief when our friends mounted a rescue mission and came looking for us as we were both getting a wee bit edgy.

Food, wine and sleep was never more welcome.

And the sun is shining!


A Breton lane!


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