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Life Changes…

The news regarding Boy Dog is not good. After an in-depth consultation and further tests/scans with the Specialist we were sent to an Opthalmic Vet at Abbottskerswell, Devon. Our boy is almost totally blind. Sudden Acute Retinal Degeneration (SARDS) is the diagnosis; the cause is currently unknown but could be due to an infection which, if it is, can be treated and some sight can be saved. He has been prescribed anti-inflammatories to see if they help and we go back on Tuesday for further tests. If he is not any better then he will need an MRI to check out his brain.

Now we have a diagnosis everything makes sense. All the symptoms he has shown: lethargy, depression, eating and drinking excessively whilst indicative of diabetes (mellitus and insipidus), hypothyroidism and/or Cushings’ Syndrome, can also be a precursor to SARDS.

He does appear to be adapting quite quickly; he is less sad and, whilst his sparkle is dimmed, the cheeky, obstreperous pup is still there.  Apparently sight is only the third most important of the dog senses, smell and sound being the first two. His cognitive reasoning is untouched and he is mapping his new world daily and learning all the time. He uses walls and cupboards in the house to guide him around and he’s managed to get up the stairs all by himself, although we’ve had to get a stairgate fitted as coming down is more hazardous for him.

We took him on one of his favourite walks this morning and he enjoyed himself enormously. He is a very intelligent little dog and will cope. Girl Dog is treating him as she usually does but with a little more care. We, however, are in bits.

The picture that accompanies this post is of Boy Dog sat on a picnic bench atop the Mirador del Fitu.

Spain 2012 188


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