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Hitting the road (part 2)

Busy old week again.

We’re not sure when we are going to be able to get to Asturias, hopefully by the end of the month. Things have had to be put on hold as the Boy Dog still isn’t well. He remains lethargic and uninterested in anything apart from food and cuddles. Although he did almost revert to his old self when my best friend came around the other day – he greeted her with his usual charm and sparky yodel and made a lovely fuss of her.  It was good to see that he is still in there.

We had the results back from the tests he underwent – once again all results were within normal parameters. He is now a perplexing conundrum. Our vet (wonderful man) has referred him to a specialist centre in Somerset. Tomorrow we are hitching up to go and stay near the centre in order for Boy Dog to undergo a consultation and further tests. Worrying times.

However, the enforced stay has meant we’ve been able to enjoy a lovely Bank Holiday weekend, with gorgeous weather on Sunday – apparently it was the sunniest Bank Holiday for six years according to the weather forecasters – and we’ve been able to see the azaleas in bloom for a change!

We also voted in the local elections. The Unitary Authority has had numerous problems over the last four years with a coalition of Lib-Dem and Tory councillors running(?) the organisation. Now there is no overall control with the Independents, Tories and Lib-Dems all having around the same number of seats and in talks to decide how to proceed. However the good news is there is now a very strong Labour Group (8 councillors), meaning that there will be a chance of decent debate and responsible oversight, particularly as it has at its heart a former MP with experience of Government and whose passionate commitment brought Objective One to Cornwall.

Now off to sort out the caravan for the next few days. Fingers crossed for the Boy Dog.


One of the azaleas  finally in bloom. There is also a new haiku celebrating May.


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