Get a move on will ya Ma

‘Sick leave’ is now at an end. I’ve had my post-op follow up and saw the ‘After’ X-ray of my troublesome left knee and it looks absolutely fantastic – all high grade titanium – I could see the new covers on the bone ends and knee cap in lovely, crisp, high definition. Such a difference to the sorry article I had X-rayed in November. That knee was a disgrace to its name. This new one however is lovely and shiny and working well. It is one to be proud of – with the added bonus of setting off security alarms in airports!

Himself is delighted that all is well as it means he can now delegate tasks and chores without fear of me overdoing it (‘As if that’s ever likely to happen!’ Himself) so next week is set aside for general tidying, cleaning and painting before we leave for Asturias at the end of April. This is not soon enough for No.2 son who is literally hopping from to foot in anticipation of a summer free of maternal nagging.

However, apart from Junior’s disappointment that we are still here, everything is going to plan: the dogs have been boostered and anti-rabied, the car and caravan have had their MOTs, the lists are being ticked off and the days counted down. 

We’ve had some lovely news from our Spanish friend who rang up to let us know our neighbours had had a little boy on Sunday. Both mother and son are healthy and dad is tired, happy and very proud. We can’t wait to meet the little chap for a cuddle!

In the meantime I am ensuring I get to spend enough quality time with friends, so have been indulging in some pretty nice lunches and hardcore gossip, enough to keep me going for the duration of the summer. 

There is a new haiku on the Writing page.

  Spain 2012 153

Photo: Statue of Eugenia Martínez Vallejo, La Monstrua, in Avíles


The Great Escape

I was bored, restless, alone and unguarded on Monday, the paper had been read, emails answered, washing up done, laundry in the machine, fourth cup of tea finished. What’s a woman to do in a situation like that? I considered my options – I could clean the bathroom, change the bed, tidy up. Yeah, right. I thought about my knee – it felt better, in fact it felt better than that, it felt great. It felt ready for some action. So, I plucked the car keys from where Himself had hidden them (top of the fridge – again) and decided this was it. I found the car (in the drive) and drove to the supermarket, bought a couple of magazines and a sticky bun before coming home exhilarated by my taste of independence and freedom. Hah! This new knee and I are going places! 

I’ve uploaded my first haiku onto the Writing page.


The photo this week is of Helsinki Harbour at night….

Counting down the days….

It’s only another four weeks or so before we start our annual pilgrimage to our home in Asturias where we spend each summer. This is the time when I get over-excited about going and generally get on people’s nerves with my rhapsodising about the area in which we live.

Despite the fact that this is the fifth year we’ve properly done this there always seems to be more we need to take. Himself has been hitting eBay to provide the caravan with essential equipment (I’m not sure what’s going to turn up to be honest), working out how to transport said caravan and his beloved motorcycle along with two dogs and as many boxes of books, clothes, electrical widgets, food and wool as I can slip into the space available.

The dogs also need to be travel ready so it’s off to the Vet for their booster jabs and Rabies update and to make certain that we have enough Metacam to provide respite to the boy-dog’s arthritic shoulder until such time we can get to the local Vet.

Once my knee has been given the all-clear (not long now) I’m also shopping for the kitchen necessities that are either difficult to find, or downright expensive, out there – various curry pastes, Worthy Cheddar (a waxed cheese), PG Tips tea bags and 2 in 1 shampoo (it’s surprisingly hard to come by).

The one thing I have not been able to do is to physically go wool shopping and have been relying on the Internet (Deramores is brilliant), which is all well and good but means that Himself knows exactly how much wool is coming into the house and, given that last year I did go a bit crazy and built myself a moderate-sized wool mountain to take with us, means that if I don’t get to the postie first I end up being lectured on my profligate ways. However, my wool addiction is a lot less expensive than his motorbike addiction…as I frequently point out.

I’ve spent the last few days working on a couple of new pages to add to my blog you can find them at the top of this page labelled ‘Knitting’ and ‘Writing’. I’ve also added a short story, which I was lucky enough to get published by the One Million Stories project in 2010 and I hope you enjoy it.

The photo is of Playa de la Andrin (Andrin Beach) near Llanes, Asturias.


As Time Slips By

Funny how quickly time goes when you’re not really doing anything with it. Since being trapped in the house for extended periods of time and heavily reliant on the goodness of Himself in taking me out, I have noticed that one can potter around all day and not really achieve anything at all.  I mean, once I’ve checked my emails and Facebook for anything interesting and then read the paper online it’s time for lunch. A little trip in the car in the afternoon and maybe a gentle amble along a sea shore – by the way, I recommend Swanpool in Falmouth, nice flat walking around the nature reserve then treat yourself to a  hot chocolate and flapjack from the Beach Cafe (very yummy and very good value) – and it’s almost time for dinner.

However, all of this leisure time is coming to an end. I will soon be able to drive again and we are making plans for our trip to Spain. Which this year has involved the purchase of a 4 berth caravan to make the journey better and less stressful for our dogs. Seriously. They are getting older and find the 24 hour crossing from Plymouth to Santander on the ferry just too much.  So the plan is to use the caravan. Bear with me, it will work.

The plan is to take the ferry to Roscoff, it’s 6 hours. The dogs are allowed to remain in the car, which they like. We stop off to visit friends in Brittany and then take 3 or 4 days to travel to our home in Asturias. We all have a big adventure and the dogs are happy! Can’t wait!

Weed or flower?