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G’wan wit ya

Well, the recuperation is moving along nicely as am I. I can now use both legs to attack the stairs, without the use of the crutch, although I am channelling Mrs Doyle from Father Ted in that ‘G’wan, Gw’an, Gwan’ has become my catchphrase for the lower two steps on the way down.

Himself treated me to a day out on Friday – in St Austell.  It’s been a while since I was in St Austell so it was very interesting to see how the White River development is working out along with the newly pedestrianised high street. It does look better, cleaner, more alert and promising. However, there is the concern over the Coyte Farm proposal for an out of town shopping centre. It does beg the question why, when St Austell is trying to rejuvenate its town centre and attract big names to White River, someone thought that it would be a good idea to set up an out of town retail development that will inevitably impact on the good work already done? Why not, instead, listen to the traders on the high street and hold off developing a green field site for a couple of years?

Anyway, can I recommend a couple of shops? The first is Nature Kitchen at the other end of the high street from the church. A wonderful artisan spice shop and deli run by Ally Watkins and her family, offering a wide selection of hand blended spices, herbs and salts. My absolute favourite is the Herb Salt which I use liberally on roasting potatoes for a bit of crunch. Delicious. Also, Cornish Quality Meats in Old Vicarage Place, an independent local butcher with the yummiest hogs’ pudding and a wide variety of meats and cheeses.


Find Nature Kitchen at http://www.naturekitchen.co.uk


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