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Sofa, So Good

I’m currently housebound following a total knee replacement a couple of weeks ago and am really, really itching to get up and do and get out and about. 

The recovery from the operation has been swift and surprisingly painless and in another week I should be able to manage without the crutches and various accoutrements thrust upon me by the well-meaning Occupational Therapist at the local hospital.

Himself and no.2 son have taken on housekeeping duties, not that there are many really as I don’t tend to be over-zealous in my approach to domestic cleanliness and tidiness and have trained the family to ignore my shortcomings. However, I am finding that I miss the daily rituals of walking the dogs and preparing meals, doing the laundry and even, may I wash my mouth out with soap, vacuuming. To be honest, I am BORED.

What started out as a novelty; the joy of unfettered book reading, a little gentle writing, some heavy duty knitting, without being hunted down and found a job by himself, has totally palled. It’s become so bad that I’ve started reading the Daily Mail again just to get my blood worked up over their opinions on various stories of the day. If this carries on I might have to switch on to daytime television!Imageo


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